Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting software is a more recent introduction to accountants to streamline the accounting process even further. A few key examples of cloud accounting software are QuickBooks and Xero which remove the strain of having physical records on your person and are stored online completely securely and encryptedwith an optional feature of 2-Factor Authentication with easy access as long as there is a working internet connection so there is no stress of any of your financial information leaking or anyone else being able to view or access without your strict permission.

Benefits of Cloud Accounting:

  • Paper free records reducing the administrative overheads as well as the convenience of your financial records being accessible at your fingertips.
  • Access with only an internet connection.
  • Linking of bank records for a smoother transaction allocation process.
  • Various report generation for a quick overview of the position of accounts.
We do realise and understand that technology can be complicated, time consuming and frustrating during the learning process. With Medic Accountants we offer training for various types of software such as QuickBooks, Xero, Dext (previously known as receipt bank) and many more. We offer varying difficulties of training from Basic to Expert to suit our clients needs and if you decide that you wouldn’t want to spend time on the training we offer or do not have time to teach yourselves then we also have options for this.